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Manchester Ah Mucen Cab Mead UK

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Ah Mucen Cab: The Wrath Of The Gods

ABV: 5.5% Vol: 33Cl


A Mead Made With White Creamy Mexican Honey, Cocoa-Nibs, Vanilla, Phoenix & El Dorado Hops And A Wee Pinch Of Deseeded Mild Ancho Chillies (Flavour Over Heat).

Ah Mucen Cab Is The Only Dedicated Deity To Bees And Honey So Surely It’d Be A Crime To Not Produce A Mead Related In Some Way? Ah Mucen Cab Was Followed By The Ancient Mayan Civilisation; He Was Important For A Good Crop Where Offerings Of Honey Were Made To His Altar Which Signified A Huge Importance Of His Favour As Honey Was A Major Food Source To The Mayans And A Type Of Currency, The Word ‘Honey’ In Mayan Can Also Be Translated To ‘The World’ And He Was Possibly Connected In Their Belief To The Founding Of The Earth, His Worship And Story Still Remains Mysterious To This Day.

The Flavours Used Are An Attempt To Replicate What Would Have Been Familiar To His Worshippers From South America; The Hops Present Add A Very Mild Bitterness As The Subtle Flavours Were Of More Importance, Chocolate Notes From Phoenix And Of Course El Dorado Had To Be Used One Because Of Its Name And Also For The Added Delicate Notes Of Apricots And Peaches Lift The Palate.


Fermentables: white Mexican honey & wildflower honey.

Hops: Phoenix & El Dorado.

Other Ingredients: Cocoa-Nibs, vanilla, mild ancho chillies.

Mead type: Meddyglyn & Capsicumel.

Yeast Variety: Fruit Wine Yeast.


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