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Barley Mead UK

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Barley Mead

Malts, Fermentables & Adjuncts: Marris otter pale, Crystal 60L, Flaked barley, heather honey, orange blossom honey & meadow flower honey.

Hops: WGV, Phoenix, Target & Pilot.

Other Ingredients: Laurel leaves, rosemary sprigs & ex-sherry oak.

Mead Type: Braggot, Meddyglyn.

Yeast Variety: Strong English Ale

The Zymurgorium prides itself on the experimentation and variety, it aims to give its patrons something truly spectacular. The answer to this is the Barley Mead, a drink designed to be both a barley wine and a mead.

Firstly you are greeted on the pour by a dark amber drink thick white head and a strong malty honey aroma in the immediate air. On closer olfactory inspection you’ll begin to notice the earthy notes of the bay, rosemary and of sherry from ex-sherry casks which the Barley Mead has been aged in. Gustation is fronted by the malt and by meadow flower honey, then you delve into the more subtle honey notes & hop notes; heather, honeysuckle, WGV hops provide a slight earthy spice, Phoenix provides just a hint of chocolate, Pilot adds marmalade and Target hops gives a depth of liquorice to the final taste. The finish is smooth due to slow conditioning and wine like.

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