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Keg and Piper

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The Keg’N’Piper

Bag-pipes+ a full Keg of mead= one hell of a wedding!

The keg’n’piper is the world’s first wedding service that has mead at the centre of its heart; mead is the traditional honey drink of the Celts, Vikings and many other cultures. The term ‘’honeymoon’’ actually comes from a newly married couple drinking mead for an entire moons turn which was meant to increase fertility and chances of a happy marriage.

In the Scottish highlands it was traditional to have a Quaich of mead followed by loch water or vice versa.

Being part of a bag-pipe band plus having a lot of mead gave me and my dad the unique advantage and chance to start up this service. Bag-pipers are often hired for weddings but we wanted to give a twist, so literally we have a keg full of mead for the wedding reception with which I serve and educate the guests whilst my dad plays the bride and groom in and thus the Keg’N’Piper was born!

If you are interested in this service or know someone who would be interested then do not hesitate to get in contact! There is also the option of having all of the Zymurgorium beverage jars as well to supply your reception, wedding or general event (The Zymurgorium Experience)!

Quotes are priced individually due to distance and what items/products are required.

Please email for further details or to book.

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