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Manchester Craft Mead: Marmalade Mead UK

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Bertie hits The Beach!

Mead Has Never Been So Laid Back…

The Call Of the Sun-Kissed Beach Is Irresistible To Any Playboy. But When there you’ve got to be the part uber cool, refreshing and sexy… Exactly Like our little Craft Mead here that Bertie brought back for you. Perfect after a long hard day or in the glistening sun. We make our awesome Superior Craft Mead base then go bonkers with Bittersweet Marmalade! Probably The most Relaxed Mead Ever!

This new kid on the block is our most refreshing yet! Made with bittersweet marmalade it has a lovely citrus twang but is not overly sweet against the honey leaving a real moreish mouthfeel and taste. It is perfect at the end of a long day when all you want is something cool and refreshing!Firstly we decant our marmalade into the mash to get it all mixed up, then we add our honey, after fermentation and conditioning we throw in a bit more marmalade in just to make sure!

Perfect Served Chilled with an Orange slice!



  • Unpasteurised Blossom Honey
  • Bittersweet Marmalade
  • Lake District Water
  • Zymurgorium: House Yeast
  • Bottle Conditioned.


Because of the orangey citrus taste this particular brew suits spicey dishes and duck dishes. Use it to steam mussels, clams, or any other fish that suits steaming. Finish with butter and the mead’s sharp flavour work with the natural liquor of the mollusks creating a sauce that will be irresistible with a hunk of freshly baked whole grain loaf.

Have it accompany a salad of shellfish e.g. crab, grapefruit segments and avocado and see how it sweetens and clarifies the shellfish meat, as it softens the bitterness of the grapefruit, and the sharpness aids in cutting through the avocados richness. Any meal that goes well with a sharp citrusy sauvignon and just keep on experimenting.

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