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Manchester’s Original Vodka

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Manchester’s first artisan Vodka made from our award winning mead is soft to the tongue and sweetly fragranced.

As with all great luxury vodkas the most important thing is the what ingredient flavours the base spirit in this case it is honey. This firstly is because we were originally Manchester’s first meadery and we like our heritage, secondly because we have branded Manchester’s Vodka around you’ve guessed it… MANCHESTER (obviously) and the bee is our symbol and thirdly and probably most importantly we are scientists and we looked scientifically at what would make the cleanest Manchester Vodka and we came up with sugar spirit… however this is very bland so we decided on the next purest sugar there is that has a great flavour and aroma which is honey! So in our 25 litre reflux still we throw in our honeyed spirit wash and away we go! We have the UK’s and Manchester’s first ultra luxury Vodka.

If you’d like to learn more of the sciency stuff as to way honey vodka is so great compared to other vodkas then please feel free to email us!


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