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Manchester Superior Craft Mead UK

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The original godfather of all brews…

So we as humans have been living alongside alcoholic beverages for like forever, so imagine your great great great…(10,000 years)… great Grandad this is what he was sitting by the fire with talking about how long a day he had had wrestling mammoth with his pointy-stick! This Is the original Godfather that shook the world and it only took 10,000 years to perfect in our awesome meadery! If all things retro are cool then this is the bottom of the thermometer!

Finally up and running our Superior Craft Mead started its days in 2012 and was probably the first UK available bottle conditioned and carbonated Mead however after a while it wasn’t feasible with the prices of UHoney and was left for a while whilst we concentrated on our luxury Superior Meads. But its back and cooler than ever with our new equipment in our Manchester Meadery Unit enabling us to condition without too much yeast sediment or over carbonation! And as promised we never compromised nor skimped on honey price with our Superior Meads; like many others have with this type of product! Made with unpasteurised UK honey it is a unique sparkling beverage akin to a craft beer but is a Mead! refreshingly tingly on the tongue and goes down like a semi-sweet lager style it will be great for your British summer!

Also made using our house mead yeast caught from the wild and cultured. It is not only unique but pulls back on ancestral techniques whilst using modern techniques for the ultra-premium feel and giving the best mixture of Old World meets New World beverage styles!


Mead Type: Hydromel

Bottle Size: 33Cl

ABV: 5.5%

  • Unpasteurised Honey
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Patience


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