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Superior Sweet Mead UK

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The UK’s Only Luxury Mead Is Now Also The UK’s Highest Awarded Mead Stealing Away Two Stars At The 2015 Great Taste Awards!

“Only unpasteurised honey made from The Finest nectars, From the most beautiful flowers, collected by lovingly cared for bees, mixed with the cleanest water & fermented using wild caught natural yeast makes superior mead

Mead Is Most Likely To Be The Earliest Of Alcoholic Beverages With Samples Still Edible Being Found In 4000BC Tombs In China And What Is Commonly Referred To As Ambrosia Or Nectar, The Drink Of The Gods, For The Banquets Of Lords & Kings And For The Celebration Of Seasons. There Is Not A Culture That Hasn’t Been Touched By Some Form Of Honey Wine And Many Tales Prophecies Describe Its Affects. Mead Was Traditionally Drank For A Full Moon After A Wedding By The Couple Hence The Term ‘’Honeymoon’’, Having Aphrodisiac Qualities It Was Believed To Promote Fertility And Produces A Fervour Of Merriment. Mead Making Was Almost A Lost Art When Favour To Sugar Imports Which Made Fermentation Much Cheaper Than The Laborious And Less Productive Honey Farming And Therefore Couldn’t Compete; However People Are Now Starting To Try Mead More Due To Its Uniqueness And The Complexity Of Flavours From Different Varietal Honey Types.

Here Are Two Examples; One A Sweet Mead With Full Honey Flavours To Be Used Either On It’s On Or Served As A Dessert Wine Preferably Warm To Release The Full Sweet Perfume, Also A Dry Version Similar To A White Wine Which Should Be Served Cold With Lighter Honey Notes But With A Sophisticated Touch Of Sherry And Oak To Increase The Depth And Increasing The Length Of The Palate. These Are Truly Drinks To Savour, Enjoy With Meals Like Royalty, Late Night Relaxation With Companions Or As The Perfect Gift To A History Enthusiast Or To Special Friends On Their Big Day The Possibilities Are Almost Endless…

These Meads Can Be Mulled With Fresh Spices At Festive Times To Add Warmth To A Cold Night Or To Add A More Dynamic Profile. Already Made Bags Filled With Exotic Grains Of Paradise From The Horn Of Africa, Cassis From The Tropics Of Sri Lanka, Nutmeg From Spice Rich Indonesia, Allspice From The Lands Of Central & South America, Star Anise From The Mysterious Orient And Sweet Orange Peel Can Also Be Purchased From The Shop

  • Abv: 14.5% Vol: 33Cl and 75Cl
  • Fermentables: Lots of Honey, UK
  • Mead Type: Hydromel
  • Drinking Style: Wine Glass or large Brandy Snifter. Serve at room temperature.
  • Yeast Type: Zymurgorium House Mead Yeast
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