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About us

A story of fond childhood memories, woodlands and tinkering

Aaron Darke, the founder of Zymurgorium, had the idea of setting up the company after a long period of brewing for his peers at university. He didn’t start with kits, instead he preferred to make his own, or forage for his own materials like his family had taught him; material such as rose hips for wine and beer, to damsons, sloes, elderflower, woodruff… the list goes on! Aaron’s fascination with what nature has to offer never ceases, and shows throughout the products Zymurgorium have to offer.

Culture, science and rebellion…

Aaron’s inspiration not only comes from nature, but also his love of culture, variation and science. As a company, Zymurgorium aim to give their customers the best experience, whilst also hopefully educating them too. The more we learn about new ways of fermentation, preserving and creating flavour sensations – the more amazing flavours you get to try!

Our range will be ever expanding – we love variation. We believe that the world’s variation and diversity of culinary experiences has waned in the past, however there is now a renaissance in people wishing to know the origins of food and to experiment!

Overwhelming blandness, and underwhelmingly dull experiences in our world are Public Enemy Number One. Rebelling against the status-quo, bringing out true quality and flavour from ingredients is what drove Aaron to start experimenting all those years ago, and is what keeps us ahead now in innovation.

Now, Aaaron (Founder & Managing Director), his brother Callum (Co-Partner & Operations Manager) and their team, continue to rebel, discover amazing new flavours, and create the most amazing taste experiences for you to try out!

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