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UK’s First Craft Meadery

Back in 2012 we embarked on our first entrepreneurial adventure and made Darke Crafts which quickly turned into the Zymurgorium in 2013. At this time we were Britain’s sole craft meadery, making Craft Meads and higher quality luxury styles. It’s great to see this scene is now growing in the UK!

“The craft mead really started back in Uni when I had a friend who couldn’t have cider due to being intolerant to pectin so I thought I’d make something similar to quench his thirst!” – Aaron

Essentially Craft Meads are more like craft beer. We use different honey types such as hops and malt are used in beer. Having the benefit of having some of the best tech in mead business we can make meads others cannot!

Our award winning luxury meads can take years to complete and are considered by some to be better or perfect alternatives to grape wines.

We have been growing in strength year on year following the USA boom in mead. We’ve got some awesome plans in the near future for our craft mead so stay tuned in for the best craft meads we’ve made yet!

We want you to enjoy our products responsibly.

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