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AgeChecked and Zymurgorium

AgeChecked offer specialist global age verification services, offering protection for any alcohol retailer.

AgeChecked and Zymurgorium.

We have chosen AgeChecked to offer our customers the most streamlined age checking experience when purchasing our delicious gin. AgeChecked is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use single solution age verification system for websites that distribute goods or services that are age-restricted.

You have to prove you’re 18+ before you can buy alcohol online using your debit card. It’s the law. That is why we have chosen AgeChecked to team up with to help you do just that. They offer multiple seamless age verification services, tailor whichever service chosen, and check your eligibility before you know it! It’s simple, easy to use and most importantly, safe.

You choose how it’s used.

Using AgeChecked is a simple sign-up process. The first time you visit our site you will be asked to provide proof of your age from the following range of options; your UK mobile, credit card, electoral roll or your driving license. Simply pick the one that works for you, sign up and submit! As soon as your age has been verified, your account will be set up. After this one time step you will have access to all our age restricted goods just by remembering your password. Simple, seamless, easy. AgeChecked removes the stress of filling in your proof of age every time you want to buy our gin, what more could you want!

Your data is safe.

In this digital age, we know your privacy matters. By partnering with AgeChecked we can make sure our customers data is safe and secure. AgeChecked is committed to maintaining your privacy online. Here are the steps they have taken to prove that commitment:

  • Our system anonymises you throughout the process.
  • We hold no personal data on our system.
  • Once your age is proved, we wipe your data from our system.

Age Checks for a safer internet.

We love that AgeChecked is a force for good. They believe that anonymised age verification on websites with age-restricted content or services is vital for an Internet that maintains the freedoms of online citizens whilst providing a safer environment for children. Their service helps make the internet a safer area for young people. We are proud to work with them and promote their mission to keep the internet free and safe for young people.

To read more about AgeChecked, check out their website – https://agechecked.comĀ 

We want you to enjoy our products responsibly.

I confirm that I am of legal drinking age in my country or state of residence.