Cane Toad: Ruby Eyes Chocolate Rum

A world’s first…AGAIN!

Here at Zymurgorium we are the first ever to use Ruby Chocolate to make a spirit. Premium Rum has been blended with this newly discovered spice to give a never before experienced flavour & textures of silk, deep chocolate and ripe berries.

What’s up with the toad? He’s ugly. He’s mean & he’s angry. Kane is not a toad to be trifled with. He’s pretty much the prick of invasive species around the globe & it’s time the left the party! Help us kick out invasive species party crashers; each bottle will contribute to combating invasive species just like Kane!

We’re fed up with lack lustre rums! We’ve got our sights set on lighting up the rum industry in a blaze. We’re here to make the most epic rums and spirits the world has ever seen. As with all out products we’re here to bring endeavouring quality; delightfully expand your minds with innovation and make your taste bus implode with flavour!


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