Pretty in Pink Pack


The power of pink all in one pack from the wizards at Zymurgorium. A fantastic mix of flavours sure to tantalize your taste buds and a real talking point with friends and at parties….enjoy!

50cl of FlaGINgo Pink Gin 38% ABV. Here’s a Pink Gin that has confidence! Enjoy flavours of the Caribbean- Mango, Pineapple, passion fruit, allspice and ginger. Just sit back and enjoy the Holiday sun on your taste buds.

50cl of Realm of the Unicorn Gin Based Liqueur 20% ABV. It’s so beautiful… I can’t help it…Vanilla swirling gin liqueur- a real sight for sore eyes and a taste sensation.

50cl of Turkish Delight Gin Based Liqueur and 18.7% ABV. Sweet and fragrant with the promise of eastern delights.

…and we’ll even delivery to you for free!

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