The Ultimate Apocalypse Pack + free bog roll!

£120.00 £99.00

6 for the price of 5 AND free delivery (to mainland UK)…and free toilet roll!


The ultimate stay at home survival kit or just a “Because i’m worth it box”.  On a serious note, don’t forget to SHINE-Stay Home Isolate No Excuses. #awesomeNHS

All our recent innovative gin liqueurs in one delivery. Arriving on your door step soon…with free delivery, 6 for the price of 5 and a free toilet roll! Pack contains-

  • Realm of the Unicorn – Magical Shimmering vanilla and Marshmallow.
  • Pornstar Martini- Sexy by name, Tasty by nature. The world’s first and only Pink Pornstar Martini Gin.
  • Fruit Salad- It’s time to get fruity! Fruit Salad sweets are retro and retro is always cool.
  • Jack Blacked- You can have one without the other! Classic Black Jack style gin liqueur.
  • Peach Bellini- Life’s a Peach! Using real Peach juice, this gin liqueur is a refreshing fruity hit.
  • Electric Blue & Scottish Raspberry- A shimmering swirl of rocking colour changing madness!
  • 1 x toilet roll (whilst stocks last!).