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Yoti is on a mission to become the world’s most epic identity platform.

We have chosen Yoti as the simple & fast way to prove your age when purchasing our delicious gin. The Yoti app is free to download and use from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Yoti and Zymurgorium.

You have to prove you're 18+ before you can buy alcohol online using your debit card. It's the law. That is why we have chosen Yoti to team up with to help you do just that. Download the free Yoti app and add an ID document to prove your age and checkout of the Zymurgorium shop with your debit card. It is simple, easy to use and most importantly safe. Your data is protected and secure and Yoti will never sell your details on to other companies.

Not only that, we loved Yoti's ambition to innovate, their commitment to invest and research the positive outcomes of digital identities and support the future for a safer internet. We felt this really aligned with the Zymurgorium values and so a partnership was born.

Yoti, quick and easy to create. One Yoti, many uses.

Yoti want everyone to have access to a digital identity. Yoti combines your unique biometrics, like your facial features, with your verified personal details. All you need is connectivity, an accepted smartphone and an official ID document.

Create your Yoti in under five minutes by adding your photo and ID documents using your phone. Your details are then transformed into a digital identity with advanced 256-bit encryption keeping it safe.

Do it once and then use it again and again for years to come, once you have signed up through your first purchase on the Zymurgorium website, you don't need to do it ever again, simply use your existing Yoti account for a super seamless online purchasing experience. When you have your own Yoti account you can use it for so much more than buying our gin;

  • Checking people's details if you were selling something yourself online

  • Confirm the person you’ve met online is who they say they are

  • Proving your identity to businesses

  • Save time and money instantly sending verified details

No more scans or photocopies and recorded delivery at the post office. You can prove your age online and on nights out. You can even use Yoti to Log in to your secure online accounts without passwords, eliminating risks of your password falling in to the wrong hands.

Your data is safe.

With the Yoti app, you and only you can see your data. Here is the techy bit;

Yoti doesn't create a profile of you for marketing purposes and will never track how you use the app. They couldn't even if they wanted to.

Your data is kept secure using sophisticated, industry standard encryption. By scrambling, encrypting and storing your personal information with separate cryptographic keys, we ensure there isn’t one honeypot of data for hackers to target. The private key to your data is then stored safely in your phone where only you can access it.

Digital identities as a force for good.

Finally, we love that Yoti are committed to social change. Whether that be gifting their identity solutions to non-profits, giving staff paid days off to support causes they care about or assisting humanitarian organisations with identity needs in the developing world, doing good is at the heart of everything Yoti and we are proud to be their customer.

Today, the majority of digital identity solutions require technical know-how, expensive hardware or connectivity not present in many last-mile locations where humanitarian needs are often at their greatest.

Following a period of research, Yoti are now working on a simple, fully offline and open-source identity solution called Yoti Keys, due for release in late 2019. Giving people a way of identifying themselves even if they don’t have a smartphone or official identity documents. This offline solution helps charities and NGOs to creative Yoti Keys for the people who need them most. These Yoti keys help people to access: medicine, education, money, food and shelter.

Please follow these steps to verify your age

  1. Download the free Yoti app:
    Download Yoti on the App Store Download Yoti on the Google Play Store
  2. Create your Yoti account, you’ll have to go through a few easy steps – including scanning your face!
  3. Add an ID document or driving licence in your Yoti account.
  4. Wait a few minutes for your details to be verified and your account to be approved.
  5. Once approved, click ‘verify your age’ above, and scan the QR code that appears with your Yoti app.

We want you to enjoy our products responsibly.

I confirm that I am of legal drinking age in my country or state of residence.