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Baby Flagingo Jelly Shots


Baby Flagingo Jelly Shots Recipe Image


  • 300 mls of Tonic Water or Lemonade
  • 200 mls of Flagingo Pink Gin
  • 5 sheets of Gelatine


  1. Simmer the tonic water or lemonade for 5 minutes and take off the heat.

Prepare the gelatine by soaking the sheets in cool water for 4 minutes.

Add the soaked sheets of gelatine into the warm mixer and stir until dissolved.

Add the Zymurgorium Flagingo Pink into the mix.

  1. Allow the liquid to cool then pour into moulds or serving glasses. We used a flamingo-shaped silicon mould but any shape will do.

Transfer the shots to the fridge and allow them to set overnight before unmoulding.