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Privacy Policy

The zymurgorium is dedicated to ensure the privacy of all its patrons and visitors to It may seem a tad bit boring but please peruse the privacy policy set out to understand how your information/data provided by you are protected and used.

If you register or order on you are therefore consenting to the accumulation, use, handling and also the transfer of your given information hereby underlined in the terms of this policy.

The information that is collected from yourself

Whenever you browse, visit, register or place an order from you could be asked to give certain information such as your name, contact details and debit/credit card details.

The debit/credit card information/details you provide will not be, stored by any 3rd party companies (by our own volition however we cannot be liable for details lost/stolen via hacking attempts from 3rd parties).

The accumulation of data from you also includes information about how you use, other data may well be collected about you from; messages, posts, e-mails, attachments and/or even letters sent to us from yourself.

Handling of your data/information

The information we have of you will enable the Zymurgorium to improve our site to make it more user friendly, analysis of this information will help the Zymurgorium business to develop by improving; administration and customer/visitor support. It’ll also allow us to provide full unrestricted access to our website and the ability to meet your demands as consumer by allowing us to supply products/services you’ve ordered. Your details are also necessary for the Zymurgorium to bill and contact you when only concerning your requests/orders.

Your views, opinions, thoughts are important to the Zymurgorium about any of its services so this is why your information is used, you may also be notified of important, dramatic and/or further developments about our products, services and Also to note, in the case where you have consented, the Zymurgorium may use your information to forward you news and/or other products/services that may be of interest to yourself. If you do not wish to be contacted by this service then you can change your settings any time or just request us to not send you updates.

Disclosure of given information

If/and on approval by yourself, your information may be accessed/provided to 3rd parties of which some may be located externally from the European Economic Area (EEA) whom provide services/act on purposes agreed by yourself and/or other purposes which are stated within this policy. These 3rd parties are sometimes responsible for the processing of information, the fulfilment and also perhaps the delivery/shipping of your order/s, they may provide support services on behalf of the Zymurgorium if they are more efficient and better equipped and also in the processing of payments of debit/credit cards. Certain information may be aggregated to form a package detailing how our website is used by yourself and thus given to 3rd parties however in this package there will not be any details that can identify you in anyway.

If the case should arise that the Zymurgorium with either all or some of its property including but limited to the website should be sold wholly, partially, be merged or proceeds in a joint venture to/with another business, your information/data may be disclosed to the Zymurgorium’s new business partners or owners.

In the case that a partner/owner arises from outside the EEA extra precautions to protect your data and ensure that your information is used only by 3rd parties whose practices agree and are in accordance with this policy. This is because not all countries outside of the EEU have as strong a laws towards data protection as do those within the EEU.

Unless the Zymurgorium is required to by regulation and law, it shall not otherwise release, sell or share any data/information that you have provided the Zymurgorium and/or any Zymurgorium staff without your prior permissions and consent.

Cookies… nom nom!

Unfortunately these cookies cannot be eaten. They’re small amounts of data/information which the Zymurgorium will store onto your system. This is unless you have objected to the cookies as you’re disclosing your details, these cookies will be installed when you log on to The idea of cookies is that it eases your logging in and makes the site more user friendly during your visits/browsing, they also allow us to monitor traffic to and throughout our website aiding in our development and allowing personalisation of website content to match/benefit your usage. If they are not accepted it may inhibit you from being able to access/use parts of, if you do not want to receive our cookies then you may contact the Zymurgorium at or for further information about cookies and how to set-up your system to reject them if so wished you can look at

Security & retention of data

There are security measures and procedures in place by the Zymurgorium in order to protect you and your information by such actions as; unlawful processing/handling of data/information, unauthorised access by individuals or groups, accidental losses of data/information, and unauthorised damage or destruction of information/data. Your information will be stored and retained by the Zymurgorium for the length of time required by law or even to any other reasonably length.

Your access & updates to information

You have rights and entitlement to request to view any of the information held about yourself, and you have the right to ask us to amend/alter any data that needs to be changed to ensure accuracy of our system and of your data (this is your responsibility also and the Zymurgorium is not liable for events such as but not limited to a delivery to a wrong address if you haven’t amended your details). To view your stored information we are required by law to issue a fee of £10 to meet the Zymurgorium’s costs in administering/providing you with your data.

Changes to the zymurgorium’s privacy policy

In the future if we have to make any alterations to this privacy policy set out then a post will be put up on and if necessary you’ll be notified by email.

Please contact us!

As previously mention the Zymurgorium regards your; beliefs, thoughts, opinions and desires highly. If you have any queries, comments and even requests (we shall do our best to accommodate where possible) are welcomed and the Zymurgorium implores you to speak us. Anything like this should be addressed to