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The Pink Fiesta


The Pink Fiesta Recipe Image


  • 60 ml of Manquila
  • 15 ml of Coffee Liqueur
  • 15 ml of Vodka
  • 1 garnish of Strawberry


All you White Russian lovers out there need to try out this slightly less ‘red in the bed’ re-working of the classic cocktail,  it's a tasty re-imagining of many peoples favourite, with a Mexican kick of tequila!
Our delicious and creamy Manquila is mixed with coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk then garnished with strawberries, and is perfect for anyone who prefers to be a little more in the pink!

1/ In an ice-filled shaker, combine Manquila, coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk.
2/ Shake well to chill.
3/Add ice to a serving glass and strain the mix over it.
4/ Garnish with a strawberry.