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Ultimate Shimmer Zymer Survival Pack

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Sparkle and shimmer all the way with the Ultimate Shimmering survival pack- with our limited edition Gemma Collins Kiwi and Lime Premium Gin Liqueur leading the pack. That’s birthdays, Christmas or 'cos I’m worth it' moments sorted. Includes free delivery and the follow awesome Gin liqueurs-
  • FlaGINgo Gemma Collins Kiwi & Lime Premium Gin Liqueur 50cL (20%) – Bold flavour for a bold star. Strutting past the paparazzi with a mixture of  Juniper, refreshing Kiwi & feisty Lime zest all with a touching hint of forest fruits.
  • Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur 50cL (20%) – Sexy by name, Tasty by nature. The world’s first Pink Pornstar Martini Gin! Sweetly seducing your taste buds with notes of light berry and with a kinky tart whip of pure passion fruit juice you’ll never go back to the original again!
  • FlaGINgo Electric Blue and Scottish Raspberry Gin Liqueur 50cL (20%) – shimmering AND colour changing! Lay back and let the Flagingo house band rock your taste buds with an Electric combination of Blue & Scottish Raspberries! By adding a Sparkling Mixer to the swirling-shimmering blue madness, it triggers a wonderful on-stage explosion of Pink hues.
  • Realm of the Unicorn Gin Liqueur 50cL (20%) – It’s so beautiful… I can’t help it! Trying to imagine what a unicorn flavour product is without just making it simple and sweet is difficult. We think we have managed to bring sophistication & honour to one of the purest mythological pseudozoological creatures that may have actually existed (albeit very different to the modern image) & has graced royal noble families’ emblems for centuries. Blended with heavenly vanilla…maybe a little sparkle isn’t so….bad?!

Additional Details

  • Alcohol Content: 20%
  • Bottle Size: 4 x 50cL
  • Vegan Friendly

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